Pierre Gilson

Creative Writing Portfolio


Jungle Gyms & Monkey Bars

Film Script- Short - Contemporary Romance

Zion and Monica struggle to make sense of their relationship as Zion's flirtatious ways and Monica's attitude only make it harder for the two to understand each other. 


New Girl - Spec Script

Title: Roger That! 

Winstonā€™s coworker, Roger, stays at the loft after a falling out with his girlfriend. Jess quickly sees why she broke up with him and tries to get him out of the loft by bringing Roger and his girlfriend back together. 


The Store


Stephen lived his life as a no named nerd but since he has the keys to his mom's car things will change, at least until he wrecks it and has eight hours to get it fixed. 


Cruel Ghosts

You are on a field trip in an old-fashioned town deep in the Florida Everglades. Everything about the trip seems mysterious and once you find out that the townspeople collect souls things get out of control.