Image: Los Angeles, CA    Published, 2015

Image: Los Angeles, CA

Published, 2015

Within a piece of poetry, illustration, narrative, video game, and film; there are intricate beams of energy stimulating the expressions and overall message. Art in itself is "Life". To be alive is to be conditioned to accepting one's existence. In the Bible, it is stated that God breathed life into man, and that man is created in his likeness. As human beings, we are gifted to carry the ethereal waft into our creations.

I recently left my beloved adopted home, Los Angeles, CA to come back and continue my business in Florida. During my stay in LA, I took in different venues, sites, people, and art of all mediums! One of my favorites is the comics store "COOL CATS". 

I also traveled to the Hammer Museum to refresh my mind. Believe it or not but finishing a book can be pretty stressful. Prose writing is my gem; I love it of course. Anyway, as my significant other and I walked through the exhibits, we were captivated by nearly all of them in some way. Whether we liked or disliked an artist's direction for a particular portrait or canvas did not take away from it being art. 

Art is what I like to believe for those who believe in the impossible. In art, you need a lot of faith. You can see and feel things that some people may not. The human imagination or "Spirit Cube" is meant for us to expand and sometimes burst open. 

I've learned over my twenty-four years to appreciate a man and woman. To love even the worse of them because it usually leads to them coming to terms and becoming better. I'm a writer that pray's that everyone can appreciate art in its purest form. One that is truly holy, a testament of grace and that asks and tells us about the human life, experience, and nature.